Operation of electrical installations

Our course Operation of Electrical Installations briefly takes you through the standard SS-EN 50110-1 and the associated provisions. One significant technical change is the addition of the function; the person responsible for an electrical installation, ”elanläggningsansvarig”. Two other functions have changed names.

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2 hours
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You will gain knowledge of relevant regulations for governing electrical safety at work and the National Standard SS-EN 50 110-1, Operation of Electrical Installations.

Target group

For those who are responsible for or do electrical work acti-vities in industry, power distribution, and real estate sectors. For project staff and people involved in the construction of electrical installations.

Subjects covered in the course

Operation of Electrical Installations contains the material you need to have knowledge of before you are involved in work activities on an electrical installation.
This course wants to provide you with the necessary knowledge and training to enable you to exercise electrical safety in both daily operating activities and maintenance work.
By being knowledgeable about the potential electrical dangers you may get exposed to, you will be better able to plan and execute electrical and non-electrical work activities safely.

  • The provision ELSÄK-FS 2008:3, ”Innehavarens kontroll av elektriska starkströmsanläggningar och elektriska anordningar”
  • The standard SS-EN 50110-1, ”Skötsel av elektriska anläggningar”- Operation of Electrical Installations


Basic electrical training and experience with electrical work

Technical information

System requirements

This course can be run on a computer, tablet and smart phone. For handheld devices we recommend a stable Wi-fi connection. Flash is not required for this course.

Recommended minimum connection speed is 1.5 Mbps. If you experience problems while running the course, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Course manual

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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