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Do you need help keeping track of who knows what?

It is not always easy to keep track of the competence among the employees. Authorities, insurance companies and organizations set requirements for what each individual must have for knowledge depending on profession and areas of responsibility. It is the manager's responsibility that the employees always have correct and current knowledge in all areas that are required.

Who can maintain this machine? Has everyone taken the annual safety course? Who has which driver's license? Trainer's competency overview is made to help you with such questions.

Computer teknikutbildarna 1920
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Complete overview

Your employees can be registered manually on or by integration with your own HR systems. Under My company, you will then get an overview of your employees as well as planned and completed courses. Here you will also find the skills overview.

The competence overview is a matrix that shows your staff and gives you the opportunity to define knowledge in your company and connect it to people. Once this is done, you will easily be able to see who has approved courses, who needs training and update that information on an ongoing basis.

And best of all- If the courses are available on, implementations will be updated automatically!

Through the competence overview, you can also define the level reached by the employees' knowledge, and set goals to be achieved during the next period.

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Do you want to try?

If your employees have taken courses from Trainor, you can already be up and running. We have predefined some of the most common courses and their implementations are updated automatically. In addition to our courses, you can enter your own courses with level goals completely free of charge. If you order extended access, you can specify an unlimited number of courses and goals.

Get in touch and we will help you get started!

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