Setting up scaffolding up to 9 meters height

Within the European Union about 500 000 persons fall from scaffolding every year. 40 000 of these are seriously hurt, seriously enough to need to be home from work for several days. Tragically about 1000 die every year. Therefore the Swedish Work Environment Authority has decided that those who set up, change or dismantle scaffolding must have completed an approved course, which is verified by a certificate. The course is based on AFS 2004:4-Scaffolding.

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Technical information

Course name : Setting up scaffolding up to 9 meters height
Course manual : No
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 1 day
Provider : Trainor


After having completed the course you should have good knowledge of how one sets up, changes and dismantles scaffolding.

Target group

All who set up, change and dismantle scaffolding with a height of 2-9 meters or those who lead this type of work.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Current rules/regulations for scaffolding, Nomenclature (Nomenclature is a system of names or terms, or the rules for forming these terms in a particular field) and type check.
  • Risk assessment and risk analysis in connection with setting up scaffolding.
  • Scaffolding planning; Setting up, usage, changes and dismantling.
  • Work environment and safety at different work on scaffolding.
  • Different types of scaffolding and work methods when handling and supervising scaffolding work.


AFS 2013:4

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