ESA 19 Skilled – Basic

This course is designed for anyone that is new to the ESA standard concept or have outdated skills in this area. ESA Skilled is a 2-day course that will give you the required knowledge of how the work should be planned and organized to be carried out in a safe way according to the Electrical Safety Instructions (ESA).

22-23. aug. 2024
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22. aug. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
23. aug. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
28-29. aug. 2024
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28. aug. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
29. aug. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
11-12. sep. 2024
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11. sep. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
12. sep. 2024 - 08:00:15:45
16-17. sep. 2024
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16. sep. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
17. sep. 2024 - 08:00:12:00
25-26. sep. 2024
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25. sep. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
26. sep. 2024 - 08:00:16:00
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Course duration
2 days
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The course is part of Energiföretagen Sverige's work for a safer workplace, Wattityd. In addition to the course fee, there is an additional fee of SEK 995 per participant, which also includes documentation and certificate management. The fee is invoiced together with the course fee. If you pay by card, the cost will be invoiced separately on the course day.


After having completed the training , the course participants will understand how ESA plans work, different work methods and the organization to prevent accidents and operational disturbances.

Target group

This course is intended for those who will be working in or near an electrical installation where the ESA principles is the decided way of working regarding electrical safety.

Subjects covered in the course

ESA skilled is a part of ESA 19 wich is the electrical industry’s collective safety regulation for the prevention of damage caused by electricity. A part of the regulation contains requirements for training. ESA 19 regulates, among other things, the cooperation between line/utilities owners and contractors and contributes to having a common standard for the work at different electrical installations can be facilitated.

ESA Skilled provides instructions, according to the energy industry, regarding how work is to be organized and which requirements there are on the owner of the electrical installation. It also regulates a contractor’s work so that it can be conducted in a safe manner in operations rooms/areas or in electrical installations.

  • Electrical danger
  • Accidents
  • The Electrical Safety Board’s regulations concerning work in professional activity where there is danger with electricity for those who participate in the work, ELSÄK-2006:1
  • ESA Principles and ESA Work
  • Handling risks
  • Choice of work method and requirements for different methods


ESA Principles and ESA Work

Technical information

Course manual

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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