Work Environment for Managers and HSE officers

This web based course is designed for you as an employer and manager. As an employer you have a great responsibility regarding work environment issues. The responsibilities includes the prevention of accidents as well as health related problems and the overall well being for everyone at the work place. The course is also suitable for you who have the role of HSE officer.

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8 hours
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This course will give you an overall knowledge of your responsibilities as a manager. It will also give you insight and understanding when it comes to the Swedish legislation. It is suitable for any employee who needs a comprehensive training program of work environment issues, a part from that, it will also increase engagement and awareness among the employees.

Target group

Managers with work environment responsibilities, HSE officers and anybody needing training on the subject work environment from a Swedish perspective.

Subjects covered in the course

The course provides an overview of the Swedish Work Environment Act, AML (SE: Arbetsmiljölagen), the Swedish Work Environment Regulation, AMF (SE: Arbetsmiljöförordningen), and the Work Environment provisions, AFS designations, issued by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The importance of systematic work environment management (SE: SAM) is emphasised, and the course endeavours to facilitate for you to get started in your practical work on health and safety issues. You will gain knowledge on both SAM and on organisational and social work environment matters (SE: OSA).

In addition, there is a section about leadership and the work environment – how to act and how we need to perform as a leader. This practical section is optional and aims to give an idea for continued work environment management in your own organisation. The course can be complemented with seminars in which case the course is the preparatory step and the training is then finished off with a final test.

  • Evaluate the internal systematic work environment management
  • Plan and execute systematic work environment management
  • Ensure work load assessments to meet OSA requirements
  • Present how an inspection is done by the Swedish Work Environment
  • Authority and what to be expected from such an inspection


No specific requirements.

Technical information

System requirements

This course can be run on a computer, tablet and smart phone. For handheld devices we recommend a stable Wi-fi connection. Flash is not required for this course.

Recommended minimum connection speed is 1.5 Mbps. If you experience problems while running the course, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Course manual

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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