What we believe in

Equality, diversity and respect

For us at Trainor, this means that everyone in the company, regardless of gender, must have the same rights, opportunities and conditions to develop and contribute to our common development.

Openness, kindness and care

With a holistic view and openness, we shape our daily work in relation to our customers. Our starting point is always a good welcome.

Social responsibility

With us at Trainor, ESG is an important component in everything we do, it's about making a difference - for the business and our surroundings.

Meaningful work

At Trainor, we are passionate about what we do - providing safety training that contributes to a safer and more secure workplace.

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Why work at Trainor

Common to us who work at Trainor is that we want to contribute to a positive, safe and secure development in the workplace, while also thriving and having fun at work. We see the company as a stable platform for socially engaged people who want to achieve the best with their work efforts. To achieve this, we offer a range of benefits.


We believe that benefits are important for each individual in the company, which in turn gives more satisfied and more committed employees, which reflects the values and the corporate culture we want to work with at Trainor.

Flexible work hours

With us, flexible working hours mean that you have the opportunity to choose your working hours a little freer, as long as you fill up a certain number of working hours and of course, within the framework of the business. You also have the opportunity to work from home when your work situation allows.


At our workplace, there are collective agreements, and then you know that there are good conditions when it comes to salary, form of employment, working hours, holidays, notice periods and much more. The Collective Agreement also includes agreed rules for pensions and insurance.

Pension provision

Financial security is about avoiding feeling stressed about your financial situation - both now and in the future. At our workplace, we have collective agreements and follow agreed rules for pensions and insurance.

Staff events

We who work at Trainor like to hang out. We like to see each other at summer and Christmas lunch, or at a mingle in the office - and we celebrate our common successes, together.

Wellness allowance

Wellness can mean everything from gym cards, yoga or office massage - you use your wellness allowance where it suits you best. During the summer, we also have a shorter working day, which is working time that we worked in during the winter

Coffee at work

We want you to have the energy to do your best, a coffee break and small talk with colleagues is an important part of working life. We make sure there is coffee and snacks, you make sure to take a much needed break, when you need it.

What do our employees say?

We have a way of working that spans the entire customer journey, it is a work that is appreciated by many, and it is always just as exciting to see the finished result when it is time for delivery.

Christian Ehn crop webb
Christian Ehn System developer

Being involved in creating pedagogical educational solutions that engage is fantastic fun. The creative process is both exciting and at the same time challenging, that it then becomes a product that makes a difference to learning means a lot to me personally.

Julia Blixt crop webb
Julia Blixt Graphic Designer

The job is fun, it's always interesting with customer contact. We are strong in the education industry, and the investment in an animated and realistic digital course offering is difficult to beat.

Anders Siven crop webb
Anders Sivén Sales Representative

It's fun to teach, our participants come from different activities. It is about making the course interesting for everyone, and understanding how their business works.

Timmy Henriksson crop webb
Timmy Henriksson Teacher

There is a breadth in my job, I get to have contact with so many different people from a variety of industries, which is both interesting and educational.

Linda Persson crop webb
Linda Persson Course coordinator

With us, I have always felt that every individual can be involved and influence, no matter what position I have in the company and it is developing.

Annette Gradin School Administrator
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Where would you like to work?

Where are you, and what do you want to work with? We hope you are curious about us. We have for a long time worked with training in security and provided courses and services to a large number of market-leading international companies, organizations, authorities and smaller companies.

Trainor is headquartered in Norway, Tønsberg. In Sweden, Trainor is available in several places; Sundsvall, Gävle, Stockholm and Nyköping. We are on an exciting and strong growth journey, do you want to come along?

Open positions

Product Developer - Authorization and High Voltage Courses

Are you our new star who is experienced in the electricity industry and is attracted by a key role? Do you want to elevate our Authorization trainings to become the market's best and most in demand? Sounds like the challenge you're looking for, then read on.

*job description only available in Swedish