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Distance studies

Lab weeks in Sundsvall

You study the theoretical part of the courses from home. Some courses include lab courses that take place at our school in Sundsvall. Other courses end with a written final exam, which can be done in the home municipality, at our school or at one of our offices. The educations also include courses when you have to do an internship. The internship takes place for 8 weeks full time (320 hours).

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Our education portal

You get a login to our education portal, where all your courses are located. The course information in each course states what you must do to pass the courses. It is our courses that govern what you should read and do during the time until the course's end date. You must have completed all parts of the course before the lab week and the written final exam. Some courses contain an assignment and you must have passed the course before you can book an exam.

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At the end of the training, there are your internships and it is 8 weeks (320 hours) that must be completed at a workplace. You apply for an internship so you can be where it suits you. Apply for a place well in advance so you have a place before the start dates of the courses. If you have problems finding a place, contact our internship teacher well in advance. Other time the courses are planned during you do the theoretical part of the courses, the web courses, read in books and finish with written final exams.

Written final exams

For courses that have a lab week, you do the written final exam on site at the school. For courses that do not end with a lab week, you can take the test closer to your home. If you live near our school or one of our offices, Gävle, Nyköping or Solna, you can take the test with us. If you do not live nearby, you can contact your home municipality's adult education (alternative College, University, Learning Centers, Learning Center) and see if you can take the test there.

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If you receive your education financed through your home municipality, you have the opportunity to apply for study grants from CSN. CSN is about your private finances and presupposes that you manage your studies and follow your study plan, otherwise you risk becoming liable to repay them. The study plan is based on CSN's rules on the number of credits per week for full-time or part-time studies. It does not matter if you only use student grants or if you also take out a loan.