Electrical safety at work is a web course created in the game engine Unreal that depicts real-world situations in an installation electrician's everyday life.

Electrical safety at work EVA gives you knowledge in the management of electrical systems (European standard SS-EN 50110-1). By knowing what electrical hazards you may be exposed to, you can better plan your work so that it is safe and secure.

The purpose of the course is for the participant to understand and be able to apply the regulations for work on an operational facility. This includes that you can establish work routines, do risk analysis, choose a working method and understand the plant owner's maintenance responsibility. Your knowledge of the work regulations must be continuously updated in line with developments.

The course is based on SS-EN 50110-1 Maintenance of electrical installations and the handbook Work at risk of electrical danger which is published by the Swedish Work Environment Authority and the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency.

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First aid in case of electrical accidents

The course also includes First Aid in the event of an electrical accident. Everyone needs to know first aid, you never know when the accident will occur, whether you are at work or at home. What we want to convey with our course activities and our educations is safety, it is about protecting lives and assets through an increased knowledge and awareness of safety and safety culture at work. The course does not replace a practical training in CPR but should be seen as a complement.

Target group

Electrical safety at work is aimed at everyone who is responsible for and / or carries out electrical maintenance in industry, distribution and real estate, as well as designers and installers of electrical power installations. The course is also aimed at those who are painters, carpenters or craftsmen and come into contact with electrical installations.

The course takes 2-3 hours to complete. You can read it online at trainor.se.

Course content

  • Elfaran
  • Accident
  • The workbook Work at risk of electrical danger
  • The standard SS-EN 50110-1 "Maintenance of electrical installations".
  • Routines for how electrical safety managers are appointed and their tasks
  • Electrical safety planning and risk management
  • Choice of working method and conditions for different working methods
  • First aid in case of electrical accidents

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