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Full overview - as easy as that

Do you have an overview of your employees' competence? Do you know what they can do? Are they allowed to do the jobs they do? Having full control may sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Trainor's competence overview gives you an overview of all of this and a little more. This is both extremely useful and important. Test it out by registering your company.

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E-learning courses

We have made it easy for you to stay professionally up to date and ensure that your employees have the necessary safety training at all times. High professional quality is crucial when Trainor develops e-learning courses. Our top professional experts are therefore responsible for the contents. Together with creative and innovative multimedia designers and system developers we create interesting courses that are easy to understand. Choose from the selection in our course portfolio or allow us to customize courses for your company.

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Competence overview

It is the manager's responsibility that the employees have the right skills at all times. It can be complicated, but that's why Trainor has created a system to help you keep track of your employees' skills and needs.

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Self service & API

Let our systems talk to yours and the job will be easier for you. In Trainor's webshop, you can let your employees assign themselves the courses they need or automatically sync with your HR system. Regardless of your needs, we have a solution that suits you.

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Electrician school

We train almost 400 electricians every year. This probably makes us Sweden's largest and broadest electrical school. With us, you can choose between five different specializations: Installation, Industry, Automation, Distribution and Alarm and Security.

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Classroom course

For several decades, Trainor has developed and held classroom courses in the subject areas Ex, regulations, electrical engineering, automation and HSE for both offshore and land-based operations. With high professional quality and committed, updated and skilled instructors, we give you and your employees the skills you need to ensure a safe working day.

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