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1000 000+ has attended courses from Trainor
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ESA courses after 2023

The courses get new names

The ESA courses was reformed in October 2023. The Swedish Energy Association renamed several courses and included more courses in Wattityd. Some of the updates include: Updated content in the courses, repeat courses will be available as live broadcasts, and higher demands on trainers. In the list, you can see the new names of the courses offered by Trainor.

The validity period of your current ESA certificate is not affected by the changes.

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Which ESA course suits me?

Trainor offers a wide range of ESA courses.

ESA Electrical Work is aimed at electricians who will work with electrical installations. The basic course is conducted over two days and is for those who have not previously taken an ESA training. The refresher course must be completed every three years and is for those who have previously completed a training.

ESA Non-Electrical Work is for those who will work near, but not on, an electrical hazard source.

ESA Waterways is for those working in and near power station and reservoir waterways, as well as on or near moving plant parts.

ESA Clearing of Power Line Corridors is for those working in clearing work in or near a power line corridor and need to be aware of the risks and avoid the hazards posed by electricity during work.

ESA Industry and Installation is aimed at employers, employees, both technicians and administrators working in industrial and installation companies. Not covered by Wattityd.

Does your company not fall under ESA but need electrical safety training?

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Our ESA courses

ESA 19 Fackkunnig rep

ESA 19 Skilled - Repetition

ESA skilled is a part of ESA 19 wich is the electrical industry’s collective safety regulation for the prevention of damage caused by electricity. A part of the regulation contains requirements for training. ESA 19 regulates, among other things, the cooperation between line/utilities owners and contractors and contributes to having a common standard for the work at different electrical installations can be facilitated.

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ESA 19 Fackkunnig grund

ESA 19 Skilled – Basic

This course is designed for anyone that is new to the ESA standard concept or have outdated skills in this area. ESA Skilled is a 2-day course that will give you the required knowledge of how the work should be planned and organized to be carried out in a safe way according to the Electrical Safety Instructions (ESA).

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Bransjebilde Industri TRA 02238 1080 Foto Heidi Storm Middleton

ESA Instructed person

The course Instructed Person describe the concept of Instructed Person and the related electrical safety instructions in Sweden. The objective is to ensure electrical safety and the use of good practice electrical work procedures. The electrical safety provisions also provide for a common language use and thereby help to prevent fatal mistakes.

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Esa vattenvagar

ESA Waterways

Our course ESA Waterways covers the safety provisions of the hydropower industry and has been developed to fit instructed persons who need to do work in the vicinity of waterways in hydropower stations and water reservoirs, and who need to do work on or in the vicinity of moveable and rotating installation parts. In order to ensure electrical safety at work Sweden has a very clear framework of laws and provisions.

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ESA Industry and Installation

The electrical safety instructions, ESA Industri & Installation, are an example of instructions that are a different practice than Swedish standards. ESA Industri & Installation is based on the rules in SS-EN 50110-1. The course includes rules for work in industrial electrical installations as well as electrical installations in homes and the like.

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ESA Röjning ledningsgata

This course provides you with the safety training you need to prevent electrical hazards when working with maintenance clearing and inspections by applying the industry-developed high-voltage regulations and safety instructions.

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Eälsäkerhet vid arbete industri


Wattityd is an industry initiative from the Swedish Energy Association aimed at increasing electrical safety when working on or near electrical hazards. Wattityd aims to ensure that those who have completed training in EBR and EBR-ESA in electrical safety have the knowledge and correct attitude required for safe work.

The Swedish Energy Association (Wattityd) provides the training material for EBR and EBR-ESA. They train teachers and have agreements with training providers to ensure that the training is conducted to the same standard.

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