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Test Mechatronics

We have an offer where you can read the first course Mechatronics, 100 points, at a reduced price. The course cost is SEK 1,000 (regular cost is SEK 5,500). The course Mechatronics ends with a lab week in Sundsvall, Monday - Thursday. If you do not want to continue after the lab week, let us know and we will cancel your education. Otherwise, you continue to read according to your individual study plan that we have jointly developed.

If you choose to continue the education, the total cost will be SEK 77,300 (regular cost SEK 82,500).

The factory of knowledge

Our new concept Kompetensfabriken gives you the opportunity to secure employment as an electrician even before you have completed your training. By entering into an agreement with Boost and Trainor, you also only pay for half the training. The other half is an investment by Boost in you as you initially start your career as a hired electrician from Boost.

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In connection with the start of the training, you choose what your invoicing model should look like. The course cost is exclusive of expenses for course literature, travel and accommodation.