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Launches Digital Security e-learning course

A 10 minute long e-learning course aims to increase people's awareness of digital security.

Trainor launches a 10-minute e-learning course in digital security.

It started with an order from a Norwegian energy company. - They asked us to create a simple course on digital security for their employees, explains team leader E-learning, Kåre Vegar Sund.The result was a course that reviews both general and corporate regulations for data security and information management.

Now, Trainor has launched a new version of the course, open for the market. The course is suitable for anyone who handles computer equipment or information during the working day, and also contains useful tipsfor everyone.

Increasing people's digital awareness

The aim of the course is to raise awareness on information security and the use of computer equipment and the internet both privately and in a job context. The course effectively and easily covers the following topics:

● Proper use of equipment and networks

● Software installation permissions

● Digital travel security

● Internet use and Internet

● Storage and processing of information

● Measures to ensure safety

Highly needed

The course is launched at a time of extensive use of home office and temporary work solutions, and is thus very timely. "When you use your work laptop from your home kitchen, it's easy to forget that you handle corporate internal and perhaps sensitive information in a different environment than your usual office landscape," says Lars Bratli, Digital manager at Trainor. "Most companies have their own guidelines for using IT equipment and handling internal information, but unfortunately we know that these often end up as attachments at the bottom of the mailbox and do not become part of people's awareness, as they should," he says. He believes that the general course is suitable for everyone, also as a reminder of good attitudes towards digital security.

Can be easily adapted to your business

The course is available from, and costs NOK 120, - For companies with more stringent requirements for IT security than covered by the general security advice, Trainor may adapt the course content. If your company wants its own version of the course, you can contact Trainor to discuss opportunities and scope.