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Offers online certification exams

it is now possible to complete several units of IECEx Personnel Certification without physical attendance in the examination room.

-When customers require digital training and certification solutions, we do what we can to provide so, says Geir Larsen from Trainor headquarters in Norway. Thus, it is now possible to complete several units of IECEx personnel certification without physical attendance in the examination room for all aspects of the assessment process.

Tested at Vietnamese office

Larsen says that over time, Trainor's department in Vung Tau, Vietnam, has used the online exam for IECEx personnel certification. In Vietnam, the participants have been sitting in a common examination room, while the certification exam itself is conducted PC. This has shown to be a successful arrangement. As a result of the corona situation, Trainor Norway has now further developed the digital program so that all assessment facilities and activities can be made available to candidates via the web. - We can solve several problems in this way, Larsen explains. Although the exam is in English, Trainor will arrange for the answers to be in Norwegian.

Normal application routine

The certification itself is in accordance with IECEx CoPC Rules and Procedure, and is performed by Trainor Certification, wich is an accepted certification body (CB) for IECEx personnel certification. Participants apply as usual by submitting the completed application form to Assessment of qualifications and experiences is carried out by Trainor Certification, and candidates who meet the certification criteria and pass the exam will be awarded an IECEx Certificate for Personnel Competence.

International Certificate

IECEx CoPC is an international competency certification system for personnel related to design, installation, operation and inspection in Ex areas. The certificate ensures the requirements the authorities set for documented competence for personnel working in Ex areas. International standards are more important than ever in a time of increasing cooperation and flow of labor across national borders. - Competence documentation is an increasing requirement in the industry, says Einar Thorén, Director of Certification & International Business Development, who emphasizes that a common, international standard on personnel competence is an important step in preventing dangerous events in explosive areas.

Preparatory webinar

While all the unit Ex001 can be implemented digitally, the layout will be somewhat different for those units which also involve practical testing. - In the other units, the candidates may conduct the theory exam digitally, and then do the practical test as soon as the corona situation makes this possible, explains Thorén. Trainor will provide relevant webinars in preparation for the various units and encourages companies to contact Trainor headquarter in Norway or branch office in Vietnamor Koreafor corporate training and certification.