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The production team for Högspänning enhanced the safety with Trainor

The TV series "Högspänning" takes viewers behind the scenes of the workplaces crucial for Sweden's energy supply. To ensure that recordings in these high-risk environments are conducted safely, the production company opted to educate its film teams through Trainor.

With the energy industry in focus, "Högspänning" has captured a broad audience:

"Energy and the electricity issue have never been more discussed than now, and therefore the idea of ​​following this industry felt very interesting. When we started exploring the different professional roles within the industry, and which areas and people we can follow through our partners in the series, it felt obvious to us," says Johan Andersson from the production company Delta Studios.

By following employees from Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft in various workplaces, from hydroelectric power plants to wind turbines and high-voltage lines, viewers gain insight into the work of supplying Sweden with electricity - every day, all year round.

"It's an incredible effort required, and the professions within this industry are both fun, exciting, and varied. Moreover, the series increases the public's understanding of what different professional groups do during their working days," he says.

But working in these high risk work environments requires education and knowledge of electrical safety even for the production teams. Through Trainor's eLearning courses, they were equipped with necessary knowledge to work safely.

"It is a reassurance and an absolute requirement for the teams to have the right safety training when they are out filming. Being able to conduct the courses digitally was very convenient for our employees since they are often in different parts of the country. And now we know that they are prepared to be out filming," Johan concludes.

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