What does an industrial electrician do?

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Some common tasks for industrial electricians are service, maintenance and commissioning of electrical and automation equipment. You can be employed in an industrial company or in an installation / service company and perform assignments in industries, public buildings / facilities.

The training for Industrial Electricians can also be seen as a competence development of already trained installation electricians who need to broaden their area of competence. You can work in parallel with the studies you decide on the pace of study.

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The aim of the training is for the participant to learn how to install electrical and automation equipment as well as service, maintenance and commissioning of electrical and automation equipment.

The training also includes at least 8 weeks of internship at a company. You can do the internship in your hometown or in its vicinity.

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This is how you study with us

We alternate our training with theoretical and practical parts so that you are well prepared when you enter working life. Our courses include distance learning and workplace-based learning (APL). This means that you get to test your knowledge from school in a real environment and try out your future professional role.

Direction content

  • Mekatronik 1, MEKMEK01 (100 p)
  • Practical e-learning, ELLPRA0 (100 p)
  • Electrical measurement technology 1, ELÄELM01 (100 p)
  • Electric power technology, ELRELF0 (100 p)
  • Electric motor control, INSELS0 (100 p)
  • Communication network 1, INSKOM01 (100 p)
  • Alarm, surveillance and security systems,
  • LARLAM0 (100 p)
  • Measurement and control technology, MÄTMÄO0 (100 p)
  • Property automation 1, FAIFAS01 (100 p)
  • Measurement and control technology, MÄTMÄT0 (100 p)
  • Programmable control systems,
  • MEASUREMENT PRR0 (100 p)
  • Electrical installations, INSELI0 (200 p)
  • Electromechanics, ELRELK0 (100 p)
  • Municipal adult work, KVAREE (100 p)

Prior education

Approved primary school. We also recommend passing the high school's first courses in Swedish, English and Mathematics.


There are a total of 1500 points that you must read in, including the municipal adult work. You read the courses as distance learning, do the partial exams at home online. It is 6 laboratory weeks, spread over the study period that you must be on site in our school activities in Sundsvall for the teacher-led theoretical and practical reviews and final exams. The study planning shows when the meetings are planned. You will receive a study plan from us stating when you will study each course and when you will come to the school in Sundsvall.

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