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Our educations

Trainor offers instructor-led training and eLearning for construction work environment coordinators.

In all courses, we cover the Work Environment Act, the responsibilities of the parties involved, regulations, different tasks, risk assessments, and other practical knowledge you need to be ready for the role of builder, BAS-P, or BAS-U.

We can also tailor the training and conduct it on-site at your company to meet your specific needs.

Byggarbetsmiljosamordnare bas p och bas u fordjupning

Construction work environment coordinator Bas-P and Bas-U - Two days

Kursen ger dig kunskap för att kunna agera som BAS-P och BAS-U. Du får lära dig mer om roller, arbetsmiljöarbete, de olika föreskrifter (AFS) som berör din roll. Tvådagarskursen har ett utökat fokus på arbetsmiljöplaner och riskanalyser och passar dig som inte tidigare läst BAS P/BAS U.

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Construction work environment coordinator - basic

As a construction work environment coordinator, you are responsible for planning (BAS-P) and execution (BAS-U) and must be able to demonstrate your competence. After the course, you should have the knowledge to practically perform your work in your role as BAS-P or BAS-U. The course is suitable for those who need to refresh their knowledge.

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Byggarbetsmiljosamordnare bas p och bas u grund

Bas-P and Bas-U E-learning

This online course is suitable for those who need to refresh their knowledge. It focuses on the practical application of the Work Environment Act, the Work Environment Ordinance, and the Work Environment Regulations. After the training, you will have the fundamental knowledge needed in your role as BAS-P and BAS-U.

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Certification BAS-P and BAS-U

It is a competitive advantage to be a certified construction work environment coordinator. It is proof of your competence, and some clients require a third-party issued certificate.

Trainor offers a certification exam which, upon passing, allows you to apply for certification through RISE.

What do the different roles of builder, BAS-P, and BAS-U entail?

The builder is the person or company that commissions construction or engineering work. The builder has overall responsibility for preventing ill health and accidents during the construction phase and for ensuring a good working environment at a future workplace. The new regulations require you as a builder to be involved and active in health and safety issues throughout the entire construction project. The builder appoints BAS-P and BAS-U but is not relieved of responsibility for the tasks that BAS-P and BAS-U have, a so-called Backup responsibility.

BAS-P, where the P stands for planning and design, is appointed by the builder or contractor. BAS-P can be a physical or legal person. There can only be one BAS-P. BAS-P must prepare a work environment plan for the entire construction project before the construction site is established. Additionally, BAS-P must ensure that the designers work to prevent occupational health and safety risks and report back to the builder in the event of serious risks.

BAS-U, where the U stands for execution, must follow and update the work environment plan written by BAS-P. The construction work environment coordinator must also ensure that colleagues consider the shared environment, for example, when choosing work methods. The coordinator can request risk assessments with action descriptions as a basis for adapting the work environment plan.

BAS-U must also coordinate the control of other contractors and ensure that they comply with occupational health and safety regulations and the work environment plan. If any of the construction work environment coordinators' tasks are not completed, the builder risks facing sanction fees.

Read more at the Swedish Work Environment Authority: www.av.se

When are BAS-P and BAS-U needed?

Even though BAS-P and BAS-U are two different roles with distinct tasks, they essentially require the same knowledge and adherence to the same work regulations. But what does it mean to be a construction work environment coordinator, and what knowledge do you need?

The simplest way to describe it is to say that it involves all the tasks required to construct, maintain, and demolish a building or facility.

Going into more detail, it is necessary when a work environment plan needs to be established, and therefore a construction work environment coordinator or BAS-P and BAS-U must be appointed. This applies when the work is classified under the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation AFS 1999:3.

It is always the employer's responsibility to ensure that tasks requiring a construction work environment coordinator have a BAS-P and a BAS-U. The builder is the one who appoints the coordinators.

Below are some examples of tasks that require a construction work environment coordinator.

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  • Civil engineering works

  • Excavation

  • Groundworks

  • Construction works

  • Renovation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Dismantling and demolition
  • Decontamination