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Our educations

In the basic version, the technology educators offer two teacher-led educations and a web course for construction work environment coordinators. The teacher-led educations consist of a basic course of one day and a two-day course where, in addition to the basics, we delve into work environment plans and risk analyzes.

In the teacher-led educations and the web course, we deal with, among other things, the Work Environment Act, regulations, the various tasks and safety rounds, what you need to know in practice to be able to complete the assignment as

BAS-P and BAS-U.

We also offer the one-day course in English.

When is a Bas-P and Bas-U needed?

Although BAS-P and BAS-U are two different roles with different tasks, it is actually the same knowledge that is required - and the same work regulations that you must comply with. But what does it mean to be a construction work environment coordinator, or BAS-P and BAS-U. And what knowledge and what is the most important thing you need to know.

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What do BAS-P and BAS-U stand for?


BAS-P, where the P is responsible for design and planning, must establish a work environment plan for the entire construction project at the start of the construction. In addition, the construction work environment coordinator must coordinate projectors to counteract work environment risks.

The purpose of the coordination is that the designers' individual work should not create risks or accidents during the project or after completion.

In practice, this means that BAS-P ensures that drawings and technical descriptions are coordinated and that the planning and design enable the work to be carried out without different elements creating risks due to them being carried out simultaneously or in connection with each other. If there is no work environment plan before the construction or civil engineering work begins, the client may pay a penalty fee.


BAS-U, where the U is responsible for execution, must follow and update the work environment plan that BAS-P has written. The construction work environment coordinator must also ensure that colleagues take the common environment into account, for example when choosing working methods. The base can request risk assessments with descriptions of measures as a basis for its adaptation of the work environment plan.

BAS-U must also coordinate the control of other contractors and ensure that they follow work environment rules and the work environment plan. If any of the work environment coordinators' tasks are not fulfilled, the client risks being fined.

Read more at the Swedish Work Environment Authority:

When a construction work environment coordinator is needed

The simplest way to describe it is to say that it is all the work needed to erect, maintain and demolish a building or facility.

If we go more in depth, it is at those times when a work environment plan needs to be drawn up, and therefore a construction work environment coordinator or BAS-P and BAS-U are appointed, ie if the work is classified so that the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation AFS 1999: 3 applies.

Below are some of the jobs where a construction work environment coordinator is required. Read more about when you need a BAS-P and BAS-U at the Swedish Work Environment Authority.
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Want to know more?

For those of you who want to immerse yourself in the work environment area, there is our web course package Work Environment for Managers, safety representatives and employees. We also offer web courses in Chemical Health Risks and Pressurized Devices, areas that the Swedish Work Environment Authority considers should be included in a Construction Work Environment Coordinator's training.