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Atex e-learning

In this course, we explain the meaning of the rules on “Equipment for explosive atmospheres”, according to the Equipment Directive 2014/34 / EU, how zoning can take place and what an Explosion Protection Document must contain. After the course, you have gained good knowledge of the requirements for occupational safety that are set in risk areas with an explosive atmosphere.

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Eälsäkerhet vid arbete industri

Elsäkerhet vid arbete - Industri, låg- och högspänning

Elsäkerhet vid arbete bygger på SS-EN 50110-1 Skötsel av elektriska anläggningar och handboken Arbete vid risk för elektrisk fara som är publicerad av Arbetsmiljöverket och Elsäkerhetsverket. Kursen är anpassad efter industrins behov och situationer, kursen ger dig kunskaper i skötsel av elektriska anläggningar (Europastandarden SS-EN 50110-1). Kursen behandlar både låg- och högspänningsanläggningar.

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ESA Industry and Installation

The electrical safety instructions, ESA Industri & Installation, are an example of instructions that are a different practice than Swedish standards. ESA Industri & Installation is based on the rules in SS-EN 50110-1. The course includes rules for work in industrial electrical installations as well as electrical installations in homes and the like.

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Auktoriserad elinstallator

Electricity for mechanics

With increased practical competence in electricity among the company's maintenance personnel, unnecessary stops in production can be shortened. In our training Electricity for mechanics, you learn how to safely troubleshoot and replace motors, contactors, frequency converters, sensors and the like.

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Pannoperatör i praktiken

Boiler operator in practice

Our training Boiler operator in practice is a complete training that both gives you knowledge to optimize the operation of the boiler and prepares you who work as a boiler operator / boiler operator for certification. We go through operation, energy and thermodynamics, protection and safety and different types of boiler systems.

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Arc hazards - An introduction

Electrical hazards are patient and always strike when there is an opportunity, often it is you who initiates the unwanted event. This course goes through what arcs are, how arc hazards arise, event energy and risk reduction measures.

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ESA 19 Fackkunnig rep

ESA 19 Skilled - Repetition

ESA skilled is a part of ESA 19 wich is the electrical industry’s collective safety regulation for the prevention of damage caused by electricity. A part of the regulation contains requirements for training. ESA 19 regulates, among other things, the cooperation between line/utilities owners and contractors and contributes to having a common standard for the work at different electrical installations can be facilitated.

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PLC Basic

The course provides basic knowledge of how a PLC system is structured and how it is used in industrial automation. The course contains laboratory work and practical exercises. After the course, you have gained basic knowledge of how a PLC system is programmed and put into operation. You will also gain basic knowledge about troubleshooting, monitoring and simulation of PLC programs.

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