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The competence factory

There is a great shortage of skills in the electrician industry and it is an industry with a high entry threshold - electrical safety requires training.

There are many people with ambitions who are not happy in their current jobs. And for a private individual, the threshold to change careers can be even higher. It is a great investment in both time and money.

What is the competence factory?

Our new concept Kompetensfabriken gives you the opportunity to secure a job as an electrician even before you have completed your education. By entering into an agreement with Boost and Trainor, you also pay only for half the training. The other half is an investment by Boost in you as you initially start your career as a hired electrician from Boost.

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That's how it goes

You apply for a collaboration and are contacted by Boost. Then an agreement is written, an individual study plan is drawn up and you start studying at Trainor. The training begins with you studying 1000 points the first year, after which you practice for two weeks at one of Boost's selected companies. When the internship is over, you get an apprenticeship and in parallel, for 6 months, you read the last 500 points. You then continue your apprenticeship at the same company for another 6 months, then you are a fully trained electrician.

Depending on how you and Boost formulated your agreement, your career with Boost or the company with which you completed your apprenticeship will continue.

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What is Boost?

Boost is a service company that operates in the sectors real estate networks, communications, security technology and electrical installations. At Boost, we run with decent employment terms and collective agreements. Our business is located where you are regardless of geography. From Stockholm to Rebbetuaröd. Yes, all places in Sweden. We offer staffing of electricians, technicians and many other services.