Information capsules / Cookies

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An information capsule, often called a cookie, is a small text file that is downloaded and stored on the users computer when the user opens a web page. Cookies are for instance used to store login details, remembering what is in the shopping cart or register how often the user moves around on the web site.

Cookies can be useful both for the owner and user of a web site. The owner can adapt the service based on information stored and the user can get more user friendly and customised content.

Most modern browser accept cookies automatically as a default, but you can choose to change these settings in your browser to disable cookies.

The following cookies are used by

Google Analytics / Google Adwords

As an important part of creating a user friendly web site, we look at user patterns of visitors. To analyze this information we use the analysis tool Google Analytics.

Google Analytics use cookies that register the users IP address, and that registers information about the users movements online. Examples of what answers the statistic gives us are; how many visitors different pages have, how long each visit lasts, what web sites users come from and what browsers are used. None of the cookies makes us able to tie information about the use of the web site to you as an individual.

The information gathered by Google Analytics and Google Adwords are stored on Googles servers in the USA. Gathered information is subject to Googles privacy policy.

An IP address is defined as personal data because it can be tracked back to a specific computer and thereby an individual. Trainor uses a tracking code from Google Analytics that anonymizes the IP address before the information is stored and processed by Google. Because of that the stored IP address can not be used to identify a single individual. Google Adwords uses a tracking code to read the effects of a Google search. This tracking code does not know who the user is, but can read if the user buys a product after doing a search.

Facebook pixel

To improve the interaction between Facebook and we have installed a Facebook "pixel" - a script measuring traffic across Facebook and our web sites. We use the data collected by the pixel to deliver tailored content to visiting users and to marketing on Facebook. If you want to know more about Facebook and privacy you can visit this link.


Another important tool in the work for improving the user experience is knowing what is being clicked on each page. To track this we use Hotjar. This registers how many users click where on different pages and gives us a "heatmap" where we can see what features are used or unused.

Logging on

To log in to a Trainor service with a username and password your browser has to accept cookies. Logging in uses cookies to keep a user session active and exclusively for this. Based on a users login status we can show content not available to users that are not logged in.

Language choice

The users chosen language is stored in a cookie. When returning to the web site the everything will be shown in the same language as the user chose on the last visit.

Search / course catalogue

To create a seamless user experience we store the last search in the course catalogue. If the user for instance has chosen to only show FSE courses the system will remember this until another choice is made.