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Ebr kabelforlaggning

EBR Cable routing in ground

Those who participate in the work with cable routing must have appropriate training in accordance with the publication EBR Requirements for cable routing. In the training, our certified trainers go through everything from the danger of electricity and relevant legislation to cable routing according to the publication KJ 41:15

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Limited authorization B

As a repairer or installer of various equipment, you need the theoretical and practical competence for Limited Authorization B. To be able to apply for Limited Authorization B, a training requirement and a requirement of two years of practical experience are required.

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Electrical safety on construction sites

There are many dangers on construction sites. Do you know what the electrical hazards are? This course gives you the necessary knowledge about electrical safety so that you can work safely and avoid accidents.

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ESA Instructed person

The course Instructed Person describe the concept of Instructed Person and the related electrical safety instructions in Sweden. The objective is to ensure electrical safety and the use of good practice electrical work procedures. The electrical safety provisions also provide for a common language use and thereby help to prevent fatal mistakes.

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Construction work environment coordinator - basic

As a construction work environment coordinator, you are responsible for planning (BAS-P) and execution (BAS-U) and must be able to demonstrate your competence. After the course, you should have the knowledge to practically perform your work in your role as BAS-P or BAS-U. The course is suitable for those who need to refresh their knowledge.

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Byggarbetsmiljosamordnare bas p och bas u fordjupning

Construction work environment coordinator Bas-P and Bas-U - Two days

Kursen ger dig kunskap för att kunna agera som BAS-P och BAS-U. Du får lära dig mer om roller, arbetsmiljöarbete, de olika föreskrifter (AFS) som berör din roll. Tvådagarskursen har ett utökat fokus på arbetsmiljöplaner och riskanalyser och passar dig som inte tidigare läst BAS P/BAS U.

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Arc hazards - An introduction

Electrical hazards are patient and always strike when there is an opportunity, often it is you who initiates the unwanted event. This course goes through what arcs are, how arc hazards arise, event energy and risk reduction measures.

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Elsäkerhet vid arbete

Operation of Electrical Installations

Electrical safety at work is a matter for everyone. Electrical work is risky and in order for everyone to feel safe in workplaces with electricity risk sources, we must master and follow the regulations. The course also includes First Aid in the event of an electrical accident. After completing the course, you should be able to apply the interpretation of the standard SS-EN 50110-1.

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We liked the layout of the Boiler Operator training. Preparatory web course, 1.5 days of training and test writing in the afternoon on day 2. This reduces travel and time away from the business.

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