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Authorization A - High voltage

The training is for you who have already read Authorized Electrician, AL - Low voltage and want to supplement with the high voltage part. The training gives you the opportunity to apply for full authorization for low- and high-voltage systems.

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Power transformers

This course gives you knowledge to be able to make well-founded decisions before investing in power transformers. In recent years, the power transformer diagnostics has advanced, which creates completely new possibilities. At the same time, many of the routine tests performed on network companies and industries are often limited to classical oil tests.

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ESA 19 Fackkunnig rep

ESA 19 Skilled - Repetition

ESA skilled is a part of ESA 19 wich is the electrical industry’s collective safety regulation for the prevention of damage caused by electricity. A part of the regulation contains requirements for training. ESA 19 regulates, among other things, the cooperation between line/utilities owners and contractors and contributes to having a common standard for the work at different electrical installations can be facilitated.

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Control before commissioning with a focus on electricity distribution

Before commissioning, each electrical installation needs to be inspected according to the company's self-inspection program. During this course, you will learn how to perform inspection and testing against electricity distribution networks according to ELSÄK FS 2008: 1 and SS 436 40 40. The course mixes theory with practical elements.

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Electrical installation rules adapted for electricity distribution

Our course Electrical installation rules adapted for electricity distribution gives you the knowledge required to be able to make assessments during installation work to ensure the choice of the correct installation method. After the course you should be able to understand and apply ELSÄK-FS 2008: 1-3 and SS 436 40 00

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Byggarbetsmiljosamordnare bas p och bas u fordjupning

Construction work environment coordinator Bas-P and Bas-U - Two days

The course gives you knowledge to be able to act as BAS-P and BAS-U. You get an overview of roles, work environment work, the various regulations (AFS) that affect your role. The two-day course has an increased focus on work environment plans and risk analyzes.

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Arc hazards - An introduction

Electrical hazards are patient and always strike when there is an opportunity, often it is you who initiates the unwanted event. This course goes through what arcs are, how arc hazards arise, event energy and risk reduction measures.

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Elsäkerhet vid arbete

Operation of Electrical Installations

Electrical safety at work is a matter for everyone. Electrical work is risky and in order for everyone to feel safe in workplaces with electricity risk sources, we must master and follow the regulations. The course also includes First Aid in the event of an electrical accident. After completing the course, you should be able to apply the interpretation of the standard SS-EN 50110-1.

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Having a combination of different teaching materials has been very good. Switching between the web or studying in the books has been varied and motivating.

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